QR Code – Don’t forget to use the Mobile Site

Just a quick reminder: When using QR Code it’s important to test it with your own mobile device! Plus don’t just test it on one device, such as the iPhone but get other friends with different devices such as Blackberries, Androids, or EVOs involved in testing.

Another important tip would be to utilize the mobile version of the site in the QR Code because users will be pulling up the site with their mobile devices. I found this extremely important when using it for Facebook Events for advertising events with QR Code. Since the Facebook Mobile site is now all the same for most devices http://m.facebook.com/ it’s a great way to link directly to your event using a QR Code generator without any issues for mobile users in seeing or RSVPing to your event.

Certain site will automatically take the user to the mobile version, such as normal a Facebook page or WordPress blog. I found this wasn’t true with Facebook Events. That’s why it’s important to test and think about the mobile version of a site could make life easier for those using your QR Code.

Try out my flyer below for a upcoming AFC at Valencia event to scholarship dollars to see how Facebook Events Mobile works:

AFC QR Code Flyer

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3 Comments on “QR Code – Don’t forget to use the Mobile Site

  1. the problem with this is that facebook requires that mobile users first login to view mobile events! This is problematic if most users have dedicated facebook apps and don’t login via the mobile site.

    Have you found any way around this?

    • When I original wrote this post, events was available or very limited on the Facebook app. The mobile site had the functions to view and select “going” to events. I know the app has improved and changed to accommodate events.

      • thanks for your reply. the mobile facebook site does indeed still have these features. my point was that when you scan a qr code and are taken to a mobile facebook event page, you must be logged in to see it or it will prompt you to do so.

        And since these days many users have dedicated apps, they will likely not be signed in on the website. it’s an unfortunate result of facebook’s requiring login.

        I will suggest however that you make the QR code a secure link (https) because otherwise when it DOES prompt them to login, it won’t say “Warning your password is sent in clear text” which may further discourage the user.

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