QR Codes All Around – The Search Continues

QR Code seems to continue to build in popularity, especially with smart phones use grows, retails using it more, and heavy presence at South By South West. Here are just a few local examples of how QR Codes are being used. (Don’t understand QR Code – Read This)

QR Code at the Pump

I had to stop for gas at my local Shell / 7-11 on the way to work and was shocked to see this QR Code in an ad by Florida Virtual School on the pump. The QR Code took you to http://melearningfuels.com with the 100+ free courses open to Florida public, private, and home schooled students. By the way the Florida Virtual School is right around the corner from Valencia’s West Campus.

QR Code for Florida Virtual School at local Shell Gas Station

QR Code at the Zoo

A few weeks ago I took my son to the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford, FL and they finally had a new cougar exhibit with a new young cat who needed a name. The zoo teamed up with a WESH to hold a name contest for the new cougar. Keeping it simple, just use your phone to scan the QR Code to access the name website right at the zoo on the go. I would love to see the zoo utilize QR Code at each animal to display a website with more information about the animal or an audio/video link to someone talking about the animal could really enhance the visitor experience.

Name the Cougar Ad with QR Code Close up of QR Code at the Zoo

Best Buy using QR Code for Everthing

Seems like Best Buy is on top of its game with the utilization of QR Code in everything from detailed information on products in the store, special promotions on their weekly ads, or find customer reviews on products instantly from your mobile devices. Here is a good blog

Best Buy Deploys QR Codes to Enhance Shopping Experience to learn more about how Best Buy is deploying QR Code at it’s stores.

QR Codes at Best Buy

As I come across more information and different uses for QR Code in the real world environment I’ll post them to help fellow geeks and social media gurus to get new ideas.

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3 Comments on “QR Codes All Around – The Search Continues

  1. We just got back from Washington, DC, and the Natural History museum had used them widely for additional info on the exhibits….a great use!

    • Very awesome – I think this should be utilized more at Museums & Zoos to enhance the experience, imagine even renting out iPod Touches to those without smart phones connected to the WiFi

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