Support Locals: Farmers Markets and Local Businesses Need You

Goodies and Produce bought from local vendors
Goodies and produce bought from local vendors

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life with all the big businesses and mega stores surrounding us we forget about the little local businesses who are working hard every day or maybe just on the weekends to bring you a quality product at a good price. This weekend I was remind how great it feels to give back to local businesses that are trying to make do with a trade they enjoy by giving you something tasty to take home.

Sanford Farmers Market

Located in the History District of Sanford every Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. From week-to-week you’ll find not only fruits and veggies, but locally, hand and homemade goods, all very family friendly environment at the Market!

Sanford Farmers Market

When you first walk up it’s Kettle Corn, the best popcorn you’ve ever had!  Lite sugar glaze, Lite salt, No butter. How could you not pass up at least a sample? Checking out the veggies and fruits at the market on this Saturday I wasn’t that impressed with the local selection and prices but have been told by others it really can vary week-to-week on what you find.

Sanford Farmers MarketOne of the vendors that stood out was Sweet Life Sauce Company who had $1 bag of small batches of their own handcrafted all natural BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, and Grilling Rubs. If you just want enough for a few meals without the seasoning going bad or just want to sample something before by a larger continue this works out great. Decided on just buy a small batch of curry dry seasoning to try out.

Che Bella one of the next vendor that I couldn’t resist. If you know me I’m always a sucker for cheese. Is was great to try a variety of imported cheeses from all over the globe before you made a choice on what to take home. I was happy with $10 worth of cheeses to try on various salads and breads at home!

After sampling Demeter’s Harvest variety of salsa and dips available to try on tortilla chips or plantain chips it was hard to choice just a few to take home. The choices for the day included their fresh salsa and a great veggie bean dip, which was good for vegan and gluten free. The dips were either $5 or 2 for $9.

More information can be found at

Maters & Taters Produce

CupcakesThis locally own produce and more market is located in Apopka, FL. I have been hear a number of times and often do my neighborhood runs right up to this location. Always special located on their ads outside with whatever is currently in season. After not successfully finding the deals on fruits and veggies at the Sanford Farmers Market it was definitely a needed stop for a guarantee on good prices and fresh produce. Strawberries were a sure thing on this visit with an 1/2 of flat going for $7 and a bag of oranges were a must at $3. A few smaller needed veggies and some local eggs. Always great to not go overboard on the fresh produce, don’t want them spoiling.

A new addition found on this visit was some yummy cupcakes! I decided to take home a Red Velvet and Boston Cream cupcake. Yummy!

A variety of other goods and specialty items are all around this market, which focusing on local produces and goods.

Find them on Facebook to keep up with any newly added specials.

Hope you will go out and explore you local markets to find your own goodies. Helping support these markets help build area communities, keep farmers working, and assist someone in doing something they love.

I hope to feature more local business in upcoming blogs . What are your favorite local markets or farmer markets in Central Florida?

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