The Mobile Advantage – Part 1

Sweet Tomatoes CouponSure you could you live without your mobile devices but why would you want to? I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to my iPhone but in a good way. I have had an iPhone from the early stages and don’t think I could ever go back to a “dumb phone”.

Save some dough! Did you know that at Sweet Tomatoes you don’t have to print your coupons from your email? I get emails all the time from Club Veg but always seem to forget to print them out or don’t read them while hooked up to a printer. Well have no fear just show them a copy of the email on your phone to get the code to get your $7.99 dinner deal. I really hope more restaurants and business start using this practice in the near future. Forget your coupon? Don’t have a printer accessible? Don’t want to kill a tree? Coupons via smart phones is the way to go! It would be awesome to see more business to utilize an app with a scanned QR Code as a method for customer loyalty cards or reward points. My mobile device could help become my mobile wallet with all those discount and membership cards.

Universal Mobile SiteForget the Lines! What is great about bring a child under 2 to a theme park? Admission is free! At some point your 3 year old can’t pass for 2 any longer, which means it’s time break down to buy a pass. It was time for my son to get his first Universal Studios annual pass last weekend. The line to buy tickets was at least an hour long but then I happened to noticed a few kiosks with no line at all for printing advanced purchased passes. Eureka! Time to visit Universal website on my iPhone to see about purchasing a pass online to pickup at the kiosks. Within about 5 minutes I had purchased my son’s annual pass and ran over to the kiosks with a quick swipe of the credit card and a few click to enter a confirmation code, it was complete. Sure beats standing in that hour long line to buy tickets. How about a mobile Annual Pass app? Forget about bringing your paper ticket or pass, just let them have a scan and check your biometrics.

redbox appMovies, Movies, & Movies! Reserve tickets to that movie you talked about seeing after dinner before paying check at the restaurant on date night. Check to see what is available to rent at the redbox nearest you when visiting a friend and can’t decide which movie to watch. Don’t forget to reserve it, which means you don’t have to worry about it flying out of the box before you get there. Get Netflix instantly on your iPhone & iPad equals a great way to solve boredom when it strikes or you just want to update your queue on the go. iPhone Remote App works wonders to control you Apple TV when you misplace your remote or AirPlay you movies, music, and more right from the comfort of the couch.

I have about 10 billion other reasons that I like to have the mobile advantage! This is just Part 1 of many future mobile advantage blogs to come to a screen naer you. Expect more on car insurance, banking, gaming, social networking, photo taking, networking, bookmarking, and more!

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