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Social Media Club LogoAs the use of social media expands educational institutions are scurrying to develop policies and ethical guidelines for employees and students. Many of the legal implementations of social media are just being discussed, while educators are trying to fully embrace this relatively new mode of communications to engage their students.

It’s important to look at some of the key areas that should be addressed in policies that will be set forth. This could include:

  • FERAP Violations
  • COPA Violations
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • First Amendment Implications
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement
  • Public Records Implications
  • Privacy & Security
  • Teacher/Student Inappropriate Relationships
  • Employment Issues
  • Tort Liability

It’s important to realize that not only developing policies and guidelines will suffice, because truly everyone will need to be educated on proper ethically behavior and etiquette while using social media.

What are the next steps for educational institutions in developing this policies geared specifically towards social media, while many of their current policies might cover some of these aspects?

What’s the difference between personal and officially university/college educational use of social media in reference to policies set forth?

Who and how should students, faculty, and staff be educated on the ethical guidelines and best practices in institutions of higher education?

Think about this topic and let’s chat: Monday, Nov 22nd, at 12:30 P.M. EST. The twitter hashtag for this is #SMCEDU.

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  1. If possible, can you send me any type of transcripts you may have relative to your Ethics and Policy in education? With the landscape changing so rapidly, I am interested in learning how others are dealing with regulations for itself as well as making certain that their vendors remain in compliance as well. Thank you.

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