Flipboard: Your Own Social Media Magazine

Flipboard ContentStuck on social networking sites sifting through tweets, posts, and links galore all day long? Miss the day of just picking up a magazine and skimming through the articles, just finding what you want to read?  How about an iPad app that allows you to skim through your Facebook and Twitter updates like a social media magazine, including previews of articles that are linked.

Flipboard is exclusively for the iPad, which takes advantage of its screen size, which lends itself to a great e-reader for digital magazines. Flipping through the screens gives you to previews to articles, reading the first few sentences before deciding to open it in the built in web browser.

Flipboard not only allows you to add Facebook and Twitter but to add custom sections on certain people, blogs, twitter users, and twitter lists. If you own an iPad this is a must have.

A few quotes about Flipboard:

  • – “Flipboard is a fantastic iPad app that makes everything you read on the Web better than it is by itself. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Macworld
  • – “Flipboard offers iPad users an entirely original alternative to browsing the Web for news; its magazine-style layouts and breathtaking use of photos and white space show the way forward for digital media.” PCMag.com
  • – “Flipping for Flipboard: The brilliant iPad app that has changed the way I read the news.” SLATE
  • – “Flipboard begins to imagine an entirely new way of accessing the social Web.” New York Times
  • – “Stop. Put down this computer, go pick up your iPad and come back here. Now go get this app: Flipboard. Why? It’s pretty awesome.” Wired.com
  • – “I am thoroughly impressed from our first run with Flipboard. It is simply gorgeous and a pleasure to browse.” Mashable
  • – “Flipboard turns Facebook updates, tweets into digital magazine” USA Today

A few screen shots from my iPad:

Flipboard Facebook Twitter Flipboard

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