Millennials, Social Media, and Education Presentation

Social Media & MillennialsOn Wednesday 9/22/10 at 10:35 a.m. I presented at the FAEDS conference in Orlando, the title Millennials, Social Media, and Education: Connecting with Your Students. I presented with my totally awesome co-presenter Dr. Lisa Macon (Professor and Faculty Council Prez at Valencia). We planned to do this presentation at a few other conference in November – STEMtech, Sloan-C (hopefully), and FACC Convention but were offer the chance to try this out at FAEDS. It was a great chance for us to run through the presentation, plus caused us to actually get pressured to get everything together.


I think the look, style, and feel this very awesome presentation! Social Media is definitely a hot topic in education and we had a lot more conversation and discussion then we thought would happen during the presentation. We ended up speeding through some of the social media section since we didn’t have as much time as needed for this type of conversation, especially showing off our own Twitter and Facebook “Like” pages. It was a smaller crowd, maybe 15 people, but what do you expect on the last day of a conference right before the closing luncheon.


The presentation focus on three main areas: Millennials – Facebook – Twitter: We wanted to share how millennials think, learn, and the need for different teaching methods. We went into how social media (focusing on Twitter & Facebook) can have some great positive uses in education in engaging students in the classroom, networking, and developing a tool that can reach beyond the classroom walls.

“Your goal should not be to discard social media, but to figure out how to make it a powerful tool, rather than a useless distraction.”


Want to check out the presentation? View a PDF of it here – Of course it’s not like the real thing but this will give you some good ideas on things we discussed. Much more  of the presentation was in the conversations we had with our audience and our great ad-libs.

Interested in having this presentation done for your organization or conference, either in person or virtually? Find me on Twitter @professorjosh or leave me a comment on my blog

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