iPhone App Review: Netflix and Redbox

iPhone App Review: Netflix & Redbox

Netflix iPhone App

iPhone has finally received the Netflix app! While I totally recommend the iPad Netflix app from the start for watching movies available through Netflix, it’s time for these features to come to more iDevices. Basically, this app enables current Netflix members to enjoy watching their favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere on the standard $8.99 a month subscription plan, now on an iPhone or iPod Touch, in additional to all the other devices with Netflix intergrated.

You will be able to pick up the Netflix App for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore/.

The Netflix App is able to deliver a high-quality viewing experience, courtesy of a broad array of movie and TV choices and a clean, intuitive interface which  just about anyone can use it in minutes. Of course, regardless of whether you’re rocking to Wi-Fi or 3G networks, you can still enjoy your streaming video although Wi-Fi does seem like a better bet if you happen to stay in an area that has spotty 3G. All TV episodes and movies have been conveniently organized into a variety of categories based on members’ personal preferences, popular genres, new arrivals and members’ individual Instant Queues. As usual, you can always pick a show of your choice and watch instantly or save the title for viewing later.

The ability to edit your Instant Queue is one of my favorites part of this app, which I have waited awhile for a good Netflix app to edit my queue without having to get on my laptop. Now I’m able to update my Instant Queue right from my iPhone while sitting on the couch to watch on my Samsung Blu-ray player that has Netflix built into it. I’m sure having this Netflix app will really be useful for those who decided to get the new Apple TV, since the iPhone or iPod Touch would work as a great remote for this new device as well, which will now have Netflix built into its interface.

Redbox iPhone App

“Find and reserve movies at your local redbox from anywhere!”

RedBox iPhone App While I have always been a fan of Netflix, Redbox is another affordable way to rent movies ($1 a night for DVD or $1.50 a night for Blu-ray), but it always had the problem of never knowing what movies would be available until you reached the giant red box inside your local grocery store or outside your local 7-11.

Well with this iPhone app the mystery of knowing what available at Redbox completely changed. Now you can search for nearby Redboxes and look through their available movies with ease. This saves you the trouble of scouring local redboxes in order to find that movie your child has to see right this minute!

But even better you can register with redbox and then you can reserve and pay for the movie you want at whatever Redbox location you want. This will save you time by just having to swipe your credit card at the Redbox, speeding up the process. Sometimes you can find different codes for free rentals through special deals to enter into the app.

Another great thing about Redbox is that you can return your disc to any Redbox location.

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2 Comments on “iPhone App Review: Netflix and Redbox

  1. Now I understand that the Netflix App is a great step in the right direction BUT its too bad its limited because of AT&Ts control over the already controlling iPhone.

    Why do I says its controlling? Because it will be controlling your pocket and how much money you spend on your limited data plans.

    Most iPhone users hype themselves over the app but do they even really understand how much data this app uses? I didnt either until i read this article that laid out the data usage.

    You can find it here: http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2010/09/07/netflix-and-new-iphone-data-users-dont-get-excited-7/

  2. One thing to remember is that it’s available on the iPod Touch too, which only uses WiFi, this would be the best chioce for those not interested in using data. Plus a WiFi would be much better for streaming video, typically I would be in a WiFi area (home or work) probably 80% of the day at least. I’m still on the old school unlimited plan for data on At&ts iPhone plan, since I was an orginal iPhone owner.

    The netflix app on the iPhone/iPod Touch is a great app to just manage your instant queue too.

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