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Delicious_IconNo, I’m not saying social bookmarking tools are edible but if they were what flavor would they be?  I’m talking about a very simple to use tool called Delicious ( that allows you to share bookmarks (favorite websites) with everyone, make them private, or share with only certain people in your network. It will allow you to save the URL, create a title, create a short description, and create tags (certain topics the link relates to). This site will allow you to search tags for links that interest you, find other user to add to your network, and send to social networks such as Twitter, Delicious, and plain old email. Did I get to mention this is FREE? I know everyone likes that word. Plus this would allow you to always have that bookmark saved no matter what computer you are at when you are looking for that website that is 100 characters long for your textbook that you left at home.

iPhone apps are available but currently don’t support those that created their account with a Yahoo ID. Hopefully they fix that soon! Also you can download different plugs in to help you quickly added the URL you are currently browsing, including Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Want to check out some of my current bookmarks , updating lots more as I go through all my old favorites saved in different folders.  This Social Bookmarking tool might help organize your life and keep it mobile. Don’t we live in a mobile world?

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