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Sometimes I like to let me creative juice flow and have a little graphic design fun. I’m no expert but I like to have fun in photoshop and a few other programs to come up with creative ideas. A few months ago I figured out how to build a custom Twitter background in Photoshop from a simple mock layout. It’s not always as easy as you think, because Twitter background will change size, placements, and layout based on the size screen you have, browser you are using, and zoom functions used. Here are a few I made for friends or organizations. If you would like to get your own custom Twitter page designed let me know, I’m sure we could work out a deal.

My Twitter Page: @professorjosh

Professor Josh Custom Twitter Page

Lisa Macon Twitter Page @lisamacon

Lisa Macon's Custom Twitter Page

Brian Macon’s Twitter Page @brian_macon

Brian Macon Custom Twitter Page

Geraldine Gallagher’s Twitter Page @geral64

Geraldine Gallagher's Twitter Page

Valencia’s Foundation Twitter Page @valenciagiving

Valencia's Foundation Twitter Page

FACC at Valencia’s Twitter Page @faccvalencia

FACC at Valencia's Twitter Page

I’m sure more custom Twitter pages to come in the future…..

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